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Transitional Living Space

We were able to recreate a downstairs living area into a new age transitional living space that the entire family would love! When we were finished the house that is very well manicured,  it looked like a brand new construction home!

Check out our before’s of this entry way, sitting room, dining room, hallway, and family room!!

And here are the After’s…. ENJOY!




With Love,

Bella B!

A Traditional World

Traditional + French-Parisian Style……..YES PLEASE!

One of our latest projects we were able to design in a traditional space. We were able to bring traditional back into the home, yet bring it up to modern times!

It was one of our favorite projects to date!

Sitting Room

Before: We turned a simple unused room into a room that guests won’t want to leave! 

After: It became a french Parisian hotel-like lobby!

Moving on to their Living Room…

Before: It was a nice space for the family to gather

After:  A Haven to relax in and enjoy!

Next, what we like to call the WINE ROOM!

Before: Again another room that was not used too often that NEEDED to come to life!

After: A wonderful sitting area to enjoy that delicious glass of wine!

And a little entry way love to finish the project…

Before: A very simple and basic foyer, that marble needed to be brought to life!

After: A lovely updated foyer to greet all your guests!

With Love,

Bella B Home

Liveable Elegance

We recently finished a project of a sitting room and living room that brought two rooms to life!

Bella B Home offers six decorating packages. For this particular client they decided to go for our Never-Lift-A-Finger Concierge Package! Part of this package includes a free consultation, presentation of space layouts including; 3D models, furniture selection within the clients budget, window treatment fabric shopping, accessorizing, shopping, & staging!

When we first got to our clients home we saw a family who is very warm and filled with love! Within minutes we knew that we wanted to work with a family just like this! They had a sitting room and a dining room that they wanted to make into a space where family and friends could be comfortable but also a place where parents could feel like adults in their home. With busy work schedules, children and a dog we knew we wanted to bring out their personality within the room but also give them a piece of adult heaven within the two rooms!

Before they had some window treatments, white walls, and were using the space to work on other projects within the house.

Before 1

Before 2

Before 3

Before 5

Before 7

Our next step is to go back to the office and come up with an initial color theme! We decided on browns, creams, tans, greys, with a dash of a breathe of fresh air!

Next comes the space planning and 3D layouts on how we believe the room should look and feel.

sr1 Lr1

In this process, which is really just “ideas” so we know the size of furniture that can actually fit in the room. We usually do a few versions of the rooms; put them up on some cork boards and after a few days of walking past them, we pick which one we HAVE to HAVE! In this particular case we knew we wanted a great adult sitting area but furniture that was KID FRIENDLY! We also knew we wanted to find a dining room set that was not common and different then what is in every other person’s house, yet still traditional for big family dinners!

We usually take about 2-3 weeks to shop, find options and pull our entire game plan together which resulted in these presentation boards! We shopped color on walls, chairs, rugs, cocktail table, side tables, round ottomans (particularly for the kids to lay on) and a great storage unit for the sitting room. For the dining room we found an amazing Hooker Furniture set that was to die for, but added our own twist with customized chairs of fabrics we knew our client HAD TO HAVE!!! We also framed out both windows and shopped for fabric and hardware to pull both rooms together! ON top of the two rooms, our client also asked for just “ideas” for their two story living room as well, so we pulled together some of our favorite inspirational ideas to share with them!

photo 2-14

Once hired, that is when the fun begins!!! We got to work as soon as our client was ready! We went to check out all of the furniture in person to assure they LOVED everything, which they did! THEN accessorizing all the final touches begin! We found so many fun pieces to accessorize with and knew it would be great in the room.

photo 5-6

photo 4-12
photo 4.PNG-7

Back at our clients home…Painting BEGINS! It really is amazing what paint can do to any room, not only do these two rooms look bigger but they are warm and all of a sudden very cozy and comfy!

photo 4-11

Window Treatments are next on the list! We chose to customize the window treatment so we could pick the fabric, the rod and finials!

photo 2-16

photo 1-16

While waiting for the furniture and the window treatments to be done, our client wanted us to spruce up their kitchen! We just added some great fun accent pieces to counter tops and walls and a play on of one of their favorite pastimes…cooking! We found a few great salt and pepper shakers, cool rustic long wood piece for bananas and lemons, a great off the wall holding rack for olive oils and vinegar and a great way to display wine glasses!



A week later, the time had arrived!!!

It was time for all the furniture to be delivered and to stage the home!

After 15

After 8

After 10

After 4

After 13

After 12

After 3

After 2

After 11

Thanks to Kroungold’s Furniture, Summerdale Mills, West Elm, Arhaus, Restoration Hardware, Pottery Barn, Wayfair, Ballard Design’s and Home Goods for making this room come together into a Liveable Elegance space!

Always a pleasure,

Bella B Home

Walls of Art!

If you love a wall of wall art, you will LOVE this!

One of our clients that we are still working on wanted to use photos that she has taken over the years and display them in a way that she would be proud of and also wanted to add in a punch of wallpaper on just one wall!

What looks like it was a lot of planning and effort, really was simple and easy!

We just needed to find the right wall, pick the right photos, and then create the fun!

When doing a wall art it is first best to decide what you want to get out of the space. What types of photos do you want to display? What color theme? Do you want to add mirrors or other pieces of art to the mix?

Below are the two walls we had to work with….

DSC03322 DSC03324

We decided on a Black, White, Grey theme for the walls!

First, we found a really great wallpaper that would take an older looking staircase and make it look brand new!

Next, we took her existing mirrors that were going up her wall and wanted to add them into the mix of frames. We took a trip to Home Goods and found all of these great frames. We decided to go with black and just one white! We added rope to give it a rustic look and too add texture to the walls.

We also add in some fun silver ottomans to round the wall out, some existing photos, a piano and a yellow metal chair!

Here are some of the afters….

photo 2-6

photo 4-4

photo 3-3

photo 2-7

photo 1-5

Simple & Easy!

Bella B

Before & After: Cream & Navy with a pop of Rust!

Jump into Spring with an updated look from Bella B Home!

I get so many questions on how we come up with ideas for Bella B Home and what the steps are to making a successful room.

Here is a small example of how we can bring life to any room in your home!

After meeting with clients for the first time, we like to take time and come up with a full presentation to show the client. In that presentation we bring boards filled with furniture that fit into budget, a ton of inspiration, fabrics for either window treatments and/or custom furniture, and overall layouts/3D plans!

Here is a sneak peak of an idea we had for this particular room. This client wanted new window treatments so we also gave a few ideas on what we thought would be a great option in the room.

layout 3


layout 4

layout 3

Sandi&Steve-WindowTreatment photo-5 456

Next comes SHOPPING! Who doesn’t love to go shop for a new room once a plan is involved.

We decided that the client wanted to go with neutral colors, navy, silver, golds, browns and a pop of rust!

After shopping at various stores, fabric mill house for windows and for custom chairs we ended up with a room that is now used a great gathering place for their family!

Before-After #1:

Before-After 1

Before-After 2

Before-After #2

Before-After 3

Before-After 4

Before-After 4b

Before-After #3

Before-After 7

Before-After 8

Before-After #4

Before-After 5

Before-After 6

Before-After #5

Before-After 10

Before-After 10b

Always a pleasure!

Bella B Home!



Before & After: Wardrobe Room

Its Saturday night, your going out to meet friends for dinner, who doesn’t want to get pampered in a room styled to perfection.

Let’s start from the beginning….

Do you have a room in your house that you just don’t know what to do with?




Bring in Bella B Home to make this happen….

A wonderful display of accessories, shoes, makeup, and a closet full of clothes…what woman doesn’t need this?

This room was done to enjoy getting all dolled up. You can enjoy doing your makeup on the all mirrored vanity, sit back in the lovely fabric chair and have a delightful glass of champagne while getting ready, play some of your favorite music on your portable ipod speakers, pick out that special outfit for the occassion you are going too, play with putting on accessories and enjoy trying on all your shoes = heaven!











Before and After: Country Chic

Before and After: Country Chic

We recently worked on a clients house and took it from 70’s decor to Country Chic!


a (3)

AFTER – updated to a new fresh sitting room!



a (9)

AFTER – Calm, cool colors that are soothing after a long day at work!



a (7)

AFTER – an area to just enjoy the clean line yet comfortable living space.

a (8) cc5



AFTER – a lot of the same furniture was used as it was passed down in our clients family, but we were able to update with flooring, paint and accessories!



a (5)

AFTER – a wonderful, calm space to now do work!

a (6)