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Four Chairs & a Table!

One of my favorite’s things to do in interior decorating is put items in a room that you think will not go together! Even though this is an older idea, I’m starting to see it everywhere! So simple…4 chairs, a table add in some fun accessories and your room is done! This look is everything to me right now! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

I think in today’s world at times people feel very disconnected, having a room like this in your house can really bring the family together. It can be a game room, reading room, sit and have tea and discuss the day room! You can make it anything you want, as long as the family is together.

It can even be done in a doctor’s office or waiting room to add a little spice and style to an appointment!

My all-time favorite is to have it around the fireplace! Sit and cuddle up on a chair with your favorite book, cocktail, or hot coco and enjoy being at home!






You can find inspiration in anything!

Saw this while I was on Pinterest just looking around for a client, simple and SUPER fun!

jewelry room 1

Decided our one client NEEDED to have this in her wardrobe room.

First and last stop…HOME GOODS, we got SO lucky, found everything we needed to make our inspiration photo come to life!

jewelry room 2b  jewelry room 2a

Next we wanted to do a fun table setting for a photo shoot…LEMONS were a MUST for our client.

Found this really fun LEMON setting, that we are OBSESSED with!

table setting 1

And made our own great table setting for a really awesome and fun photo shoot!

Yellow Table 1

Lastly, we were doing a clients home that wanted country chic, she loved the inspiration but really wanted to make it work for herself.

We found this really great and colorful photo on pinterest…

.barb house 1

Our client LOVED the table, the idea of fun lamps and a chair…but for her she wanted a photo that was very meaningful to her life as the center piece, exisiting chairs recovered, and these great mirrors we found to make this inspirational photo work for her!