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We’re chatting Tips for Fashioning a Chic Home in a Small Dewelling with Luxe Decor on Bella B Home today!

Whether you reside in a downtown condo or nest in the suburbs, there are plenty of ways to create a polished pad when space comes at a premium. For many, a smaller home or apartment is a way to downsize and ditch the clutter and chaos of a sprawling abode.

Whether you want to live more minimally, or you’ve opted for a smaller space to keep your budget in check, here are some tips to turn a modest dwelling into a stylish, uncluttered space.


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Many small apartments are similar to studios with a large great room. Encompassing the dining room and family room into one space means that there’s less room for division and more need for flow. Using similar colored beige furnishings in the living room and dining space creates a feeling of synergy and makes a space feel larger. Built-in bench seating adds more character and rustic accents create a cozy and unified space.


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An eclectic home feels chic with a few funky design accents. A bar cart takes the place of a large coffee table while a vertical wall bookshelf offers plenty of room for various tomes. Clean and simple white furniture creates a more airy and open vibe while delicate décor like a simple glass bottle and cactus plants add understated flair.


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Book lovers need not fear a space-savvy life, as there are plenty of options for creating storage in a smaller home. Built-in bookshelves and ottomans with hidden storage provide plenty of room for collectibles and literary favorites. Adding smaller furniture to a space dominated with storage is always smart. Small round wooden coffee tables and a little chaise sofa provide enough practicality while keeping tiny living quarters free from stuff overload.


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An ultra-modern living space is sleek and sophisticated with cool space age furniture and wooden floor storage. An office and living room combo is the perfect way to keep a small apartment from becoming a clutter zone. Adding a corner desk or small workspace table is the ideal option for a less spacious dwelling.


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For those questing a clutter free and glamorous living space, nothing is better than a multipurpose room. A large display bookcase doubles as a desk and a movable ottoman creates room for pillows and blankets. Furnishings with unique textures such as velvet and leather add luxury, while decorative accents like a large round mirror and plush shag rug make a modest apartment feel roomy and regal.

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