Walls of Art!

If you love a wall of wall art, you will LOVE this!

One of our clients that we are still working on wanted to use photos that she has taken over the years and display them in a way that she would be proud of and also wanted to add in a punch of wallpaper on just one wall!

What looks like it was a lot of planning and effort, really was simple and easy!

We just needed to find the right wall, pick the right photos, and then create the fun!

When doing a wall art it is first best to decide what you want to get out of the space. What types of photos do you want to display? What color theme? Do you want to add mirrors or other pieces of art to the mix?

Below are the two walls we had to work with….

DSC03322 DSC03324

We decided on a Black, White, Grey theme for the walls!

First, we found a really great wallpaper that would take an older looking staircase and make it look brand new!

Next, we took her existing mirrors that were going up her wall and wanted to add them into the mix of frames. We took a trip to Home Goods and found all of these great frames. We decided to go with black and just one white! We added rope to give it a rustic look and too add texture to the walls.

We also add in some fun silver ottomans to round the wall out, some existing photos, a piano and a yellow metal chair!

Here are some of the afters….

photo 2-6

photo 4-4

photo 3-3

photo 2-7

photo 1-5

Simple & Easy!

Bella B

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