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It’s that time of year….

Summer is in the past, Autumn is next week and Fall is upon up! The holiday’s will be here before you know it! Is your Dining Room updated and ready to entertain? Here are some amazing ideas as well as new techniques to updates any dining room for the most wonderful time of the year!

These are some of our favorite transformations to make any Dining Room look special!

365_222_541_542_131_rs 4936 dining-room-chairs-of-stunning-dining-room-chairs-cape-town  formal-dining-room-sets-with-upholstered-dining-chairs-and-traditional-square-wood-table-design-500x347 mismatch1 rustic-dining-room-ideas-briliant-and-style-rustic-dining-room-ideas-pict-q7q transitional-dining-room trendy-traditional-dining-room-design

3910Here are a few more tips on setting a holiday tablescape, some NEW wallpaper that we are obsessed with and just a few of our favorite things to help make your holiday season one your won’t forget!


Below are samples of the new and amazing wallpapers that will make any room come to life, they add color, texture, warmth and a conversation piece to any Dining Room!


tokyo_celestialblue_to522_web_swatch lamour_blackgold_la519_web_swatch 100473_1 20-917_3

I am currently obsessed with this Parma Grey color, it has that icy blue dash of warmth mixed with grey and goes with every single wood color in a dining room!


Host Chair or no Host chair?


It is such a simple and easy way to add drama, if you have a dining room set that you love, why  not add two dramatic fabric chairs to your set and BOOM – it looks brand NEW!

resized-0021 upholstered_chair_collage_0 inspire-q-jourdan-mocha-honeycomb-sloped-arm-hostess-chair-b09ec9d5-0546-4724-8a81-32b4d66c3d65_600 evelyn-dining-table-blanchett-side-chair-and-pheasant-host-chair

And last but not least, the tablescape….just have FUN! play with colors and come up with a theme first, then…..ANYTHING GOES! Here are a few of our favorites!

tablescape31-e1322516992543 white-christmas-tablescape table-14 original_marian-parsons-white-silver-place-setting_s4x3-jpg-rend-hgtvcom-966-725 holiday-tablescapes-christmas gold3 elegand-christmas-tablescape-home-designing

How to pick the right sofa for your family. This is one of the questions that is always brought up when we start decorating a living room.

Size, comfort, durability, functionality….the list could go on!

For Bella B Home, we like to play with any of the spaces we decorate and give them a feel that they might not have chosen on their own!

We like to use different fabrics for different needs and unique designs tailored to our clients esthetic!

Here are some of our favorite layouts and why we chose the design we did! Tell us your thoughts or share your sofas with us!

5337 (2)This is a two story living room that we absolutely transformed! This family wanted to enjoy both their fireplace as well as the media unit! Why not try two L-shape sofas by Precedent to make both worlds collide! Both sofa’s you can lounge and relax on looking in either direction or everyone can sit together and enjoy tons of family time!


This was a formal living room that was requested by our client.  Two of the same sofas, tufted backing, sleek arms, rolled arm pillows and a neutral grey fabric make this formal room into a conversation area that is chic yet practical! These Precedent sofas really make the difference!  IMG_4234

For this room, our client request slip covered sofa’s for easy to clean! We chose to do a larger sofa and a smaller sofa for the size of the room, we chose a wonderful fabric accompanied by a thin trim to make the sofa come to life! Lee industry custom slip sofas are so incredibly comfortable!6388

This room is lush and plush and these two sofas from Century were well worth every penny spent! The loveseat on the left and the sofa on the right are paired with a crushed light grey velvet material and down cushions to make you never want to get up! We chose the smaller sofa on one side so there would be walk way and the larger sofa near the window to make the space look wider! Port 2

Have you ever sat on a l-shape sectional and your significant other is enjoying the chaise while you have to sit on a regular cushion?? This couple wanted comfort and we felt that they both should have a chaise of their choice! Mixed with Precedent custom fabric and Bernhardt custom pillows, we are a sucker for this comfortable cozy sectional! 6396

We all need some print in our life! Do you have a fun media room or game room that you want to jazz up? Why not throw the most comfortable sofa in there and add a super fun print to make this sectional the main focus in any room! We added in the curve for maximum seating when there is a pool tournament or a super bowl being watched!4922

Now if prints are too much for you but you love this design we also did a very similar sectional for a media room, in a crushed microfiber to enjoy cozy nights home while watching a movie!DSC04039


So many homes today are two story living rooms! Here are two completely different ways to address the room, space, size and family needs for seating! One we did a circular sectional to seat up to 7 to 8 with little kiddies. The other we did more of a loveseat and sofa mixed with chairs to create again a seating of 7 to 8 but in a completely different style!!

Bella B Home

Baby Girl Nursery

There is nothing like decorating and finding the perfect furniture and accessories, those matching colors and fabrics!!! Buttttttt when asked to do a Nursery, that all changed! Not only did we fall in love with decorating all over again but designing a room knowing that a little princess is going to grow up in there, is pure happiness!

We have gotten so many questions on how and why we chose to decorate this room the way we did; today we are here to answer those questions!

Like any project, we started with 4 white walls! Just being in the space, is so meaningful, to hear what the mom to be wants and to help bring that vision to life is the best part! For this particular project, we waited to find out what our client was having and then every possible idea out there, came to life!

We knew we wanted simple and sweet, something for this adorable little girl to grow into and not “too childish”. So we went with simple whites, greys, neutrals, metallics and dashs of pink! We presented with not 1 idea  but 3! Afterall its a little girl!!! She should have options!!!!

After loving all 3 we had to make a decision…..would it be the white crib theme? grey and white modern theme? or golden princess! Golden Princess it is!

We worked with Karl’s Baby Furniture to customize the perfect crib, we chose the venice crib that converts for the baby as she ages!

Next we found a dresser and bookcase that wasn’t apart of the Venice collection but we had it transformed into the colors to match the crib perfectly!

Next we moved to find a glider and ottoman! Klaussner’s Nursery Time collection was the most comfortable for our client! We picked custom fabrics to go with our theme!

Our client also wanted a really cozy comfy chaise to lay in while nursing or sleeping in the room with the baby! We went to our go-to for comfortable! Lee Industries!

NEXT was the fun part! Accessories!! We picked shelving, side tables, lamps, mirror, rug, and two really fun murals that we did ourselves!! THANK YOU POTTERY BARN KIDS and HOMEGOODS!! The ideas they have for kiddies are just the cutest!!

Finally! We had to do window treatments, are clients windows are extremely long and we obviously needed to have them made for room darkening as well!  The fabric we found was literally hidden in line of sheers that had mini stars of them, we decided to line it with a grey sheer to pull the grey walls together, add goblet pleats and off we go to a perfect little cozy room customized and designed by Bella B Home!

Let us know your thoughts!!

5309 5312 5313 5314 5315 5316 5317 5323



When you hear wallpaper, we all know the answer is NO!!

But honestly, it is the greatest thing since slice bread! Especially Peel & Stick wallpaper from Tempaper Designs!

So here is the 411 on all the details….

First you pick from their array of amazing designs, there literally is on to fit everyone’s personality and room style! Once you order and it arrives….the fun begins! Measure your wall top to bottom, then unroll the wallpaper, take a straight edge ruler and box cutter (too cut off where you need too….leave a little extra at the bottom to be safe). Roll that paper up so its easy to use. Place the top of the wallpaper at the top of your ceiling, remove a little bit of the adhesive and place it on the wall. Then slowly start taking the wallpaper down…a little at a time…..you can even use a wallpaper brush to smooth everything out! BOOM you are all done!! NO GLUE, NO MESS! Simple and EASY! You must take your time and have full concentration but the results are just too pretty for words!!!


4952 5163 5166  5683


Patio Furniture!

It’s HERE!!! It’s FINALLY outdoor PATIO season.


Outdoor spaces are an extra “room” in our homes, an extension of what our home can offer and a place where we can decorate. It’s a place where we can have fun with color, accessories and fabrics!

This is my personal FAVORITE time of the year! I try to have people over once a week so we can sit outside and enjoy this beautiful season!

To me, my patio is another room in the house. It is as if I had an extension to my living room! This area should be a place where you can relax after a long day at work or with the kiddies! It can be an extended dining room, a lounge area with plush pillows, candles, fun accessories and a fabulous outdoor rug or it can be BOTH!!! Best of both worlds is always perfect! We do love to make all events around food and yummy drinks so why not have an outdoor space that people never want to leave!

If you are in the suburbs or a city, or if it is a large space or small; you can make the best out of that outdoor space!


THINK lanterns, planters, texture, fabrics (such as canopies), or even peel and stick wallpaper or contact paper on a divider from a city neighbor! ANYTHING to create an oasis of happiness and enjoy Mother Nature!

Even though it is a luscious space make sure to make it your own regardless of size and keep it simple and sweet! Don’t overcrowd!! And make sure to extend your colors from your home, remember it’s an outside extension living area.

And please make sure to add light! Even if you are on a budget, string lights can make a space look like a piece of heaven! We are OBSESSED right now with Fire-Pits! Who isn’t?? A relaxing space with a little heat on a chiller night, makes you feel like you are at a bond fire! If you are on a roof deck, large solar lamps are EVERYTHING this season!

Here are a few of our favorite spaces and furniture that makes us super happy for this outdoor season!


cat6180003 cat6090019 cat2940098 10355721_790335524395519_8595212041870453361_n 146573_main 600-brown-jordan-fires-patio-furniture-miami-f

slider5_3 Savannah.03 rm-796-03-97-s-9796-62-65x1-lnk

Photography by: Bella B Home, Brown Jordan, Frontgate, Lane Venture, Restoration Hardware, Summer Classics, Telescope Casual and Zuo Mod!

Have fun!

Bella B

Photography by: Bella B Home, Restoration Hardware, Telescope Casual, Zuo Mod, Brown Jordan, Frontgate, Lane Venture and Summer Classics!


Painted Trim, Colored Interior Doors & Wallpapered Ceiling!

Spring is almost here! The SUN is shining, we “sprung” ahead, and the daylight lasts longer!

What does this mean???


Every spring, I get the itch to want to do SOMETHING….ANYTHING in my home! Just a dash of newness!

Here are 3 simple and easy tips to creating some freshness without breaking the bank!

Paint your wood trim in a color!

Bella B Home is OBSESSED, how can you not be! YES I still love crisp white trim, as it is so classic but I also love how the subtle hint of color can make any room pop!



Want a POP of color but you are still loving neutral colors in your house? This is the perfect way to add a dash of difference and a whole heap of eye candy to your home!


WALLPAPER your ceiling!

This does not have to be how ceiling wallpaper used to look….Peel & Stick your ceiling for your WHOLE room to change and look different!


Enjoy freshening up your home!

Bella B

Olivia Pope’s Scandal Living Room

TGIT!!! Scandal is back! Which means I’m currently freaking out with excitement!!

When thinking about WHERE IS OLIVIA POPE, I started to think about how much I love her apartment and how could Bella B Home find similar pieces; but with a Bella B Home Twist!!





Let’s take this section by section.

First and most importantly, let’s pick the PAINT! Benjamin Moore has a beautiful color Misted Green, that is very similar to Olivia’s apartment. I would add a twist and make one wall a dash darker to give the space a little dimension. Carolina Gull is the perfect accent to Misted Green! It is just a DASH deeper but works like a charm!

Misted Green:


Carolina Gull:


Like Olivia’s apartment, we would want to stay classic to the “Washington, D.C” theme but dress it up a tad!

For the one side of the apartment they have placed great tufted armed chairs.

Olivia’s Apartment:


Bella B Home would suggest Lee Industry chairs with a dash of presidential navy at the bottom! We are LOVING these chairs, paired with a sleek and sophisticated dusted gold side table by Interlude home! Let’s not forget to add in a fun abstract painting from Ballard Designs. This painting pulls in all of our colors to help bring this seating nook to life!

Bella B Home:




Next let’s look at the Sofa and Chairs!

Olivia’s Apartment:


We love the seating arrangement, its different yet SOOOO Olivia Pope!

We are OBSESSED with this Vanguard Sofa! It is so similar to Olivia’s, yet it very current with the trends that are out there now! We paired it with three great chairs from Bernhardt! Two wing like chairs with a dash of studding to add a twist and a delicious teal chair with a pillow to die for!

Bella B Home:





For the Coffee Table we decided to go a little more rustic to pick up with the legs in the seating area!


We are pairing this with a more subtle rug and fabulous mixed side tables!




Lamps…we are loving these!!

Mixing the shades but still keeping with the color theme!


For the TV Unit we wanted to go with a strong blackish-brown media unit from Restoration Hardware to tie into the tall shelving unit from Ballard Designs!



For the console table and art work we are LOVING this unit!

It is the same as Olivia’s, there can be no other one!

Olivia’s Apartment:


Bella B Home:


Paired with this beautiful painting from Ballard Designs…YES, PLEASE!!


To finish the room, you need the perfect window treatments! We would stick with the cornice flat boxed treatments along with this luscious fabric to pull the entire room together!

Olivia’s Apartment:


Bella B Home:


Add in this gorgeous sconce and your room is complete!!


Rich, Traditional, Warm and VERY OLIVIA POPE!

But let’s not forget the wine….

Our PICK of the WEEK for a delish Scandal WINE!

Spellbound Petite Sirah!


Now tell us your thoughts!!

It’s Handled…..

Bella B Home!

Canopy Beds

They are back and better than ever!!

We still love the tufted bed as we have been doing so many new bedrooms with lush fabrics headboards but when we saw the canopy bed we fell in love all over again! Its a mix of fabulous LUSH fabrics with clean lines of gorgeous metal!

Get ready 2015 Canopies are on our NEW MUST HAVE LIST!

351_459A_529_042_216_508_N1731RS 353_HFR59_510_N2024L_RSAlt3 Interiors_Fall_12_room_05