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When you hear wallpaper, we all know the answer is NO!!

But honestly, it is the greatest thing since slice bread! Especially Peel & Stick wallpaper from Tempaper Designs!

So here is the 411 on all the details….

First you pick from their array of amazing designs, there literally is on to fit everyone’s personality and room style! Once you order and it arrives….the fun begins! Measure your wall top to bottom, then unroll the wallpaper, take a straight edge ruler and box cutter (too cut off where you need too….leave a little extra at the bottom to be safe). Roll that paper up so its easy to use. Place the top of the wallpaper at the top of your ceiling, remove a little bit of the adhesive and place it on the wall. Then slowly start taking the wallpaper down…a little at a time…..you can even use a wallpaper brush to smooth everything out! BOOM you are all done!! NO GLUE, NO MESS! Simple and EASY! You must take your time and have full concentration but the results are just too pretty for words!!!


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