BettyAnn KraftI grew up with a Mother who was passionate about fashion and furniture. When I was a young girl some of my favorite moments were spending time together catching up on style and shopping. My Mom is not only my partner in this journey but also my best friend. She has inspired me to be creative, reach for my dreams, and always taught me to enjoy and celebrate the special moments in life.

I didn’t plan to become a home decorator. I was raised in a suburban area with dreams of "making it" in a big city. Off to New York City, I attended the Fashion Institute of Technology where I obtained a duel Bachelor’s degree in Fashion Merchandising Management and Advertising and Marketing Communications.

It was fashion that led me to home decorating. At FIT we were given tiny spaces in a dorm room, which after seeing one time, I had a true vision that I could make this living area a very special place. Finding ways to dress up a wall with a fabric patterned sheet or to create lighting for a calm setting were challenges I faced with enthusiasm. Providing a work or dressing area in a ten by ten space was always an adventure. From there I moved into my first adult apartment with a roommate. We had five hundred and fifty square feet to share and decorate. My roommate at the time left it up to me to do whatever I wanted as long as it felt like a home away from home.

I spent hours sketching and thinking of what I wanted it to look like. I was able to visualize how a room could all come together. At the beginning I saw a big blank white box, with a door to a bathroom and a closet. I had visions of hanging fabric to make a faux bedroom and also give it a romantic feel. After measuring in blue tape on the floor, I knew exactly how much space was available. I shopped tirelessly for every detail including a high top table for a dining room/bar area, as well as a sofa and chairs for a section to call our living room and all this was done on a college budget. My vision turned into a gorgeous apartment for two young NYC gals.

From then on it always was a new adventure. Each time I moved to a new apartment, I went from sketching and line planning, to tear sheets of ideas after ideas. Every time I saw a different vision and a new way to re-create myself.

It has always been my dream to do something that I thoroughly enjoy doing and that has been the joy of making my home a place that I can retreat to and love. I have been helping family and friends decorate their homes for years and have given them countless ideas to help make their house a place where they want to be. Now it’s time to venture out and do this for more than just the people who are close to me.

How do I begin a project? I consider the specific needs and lifestyle of the clients, then I access the home in order to highlight the best architectural features and to fix the flaws (whether it means a construction project like adding a fireplace, putting in new windows, using paint or spicing the house up with amazing fabrics). Then I filter the plan through my own reservoir of inspirations. The idea of mixing pieces together that one might not think go together, gives me a thrill.

Bella B is a collaboration of my love of decorating and home products. Bella B offers consultations, help in finding inspiration/boards of ideas, staging, styling, and decorating your home to make it bea”you”tiful. Part of my dream is to make your dream come true and to make your house a home.

There's no place like home