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For starters we are a Mother and Daughter team; our personalities bounce off of each other, which you will immediately see! We offer a little spice but overall sweetness combined with a professional demeanor. As a client you are letting us into your home, we appreciate that before anything else. We uphold a calm, light hearted attitude with lots of fun mixed in; we find it to be a great recipe for success! We are not your typical decorators, we appreciate that not everyone has used a decorator for every room and we know that you are coming to us for help in bringing your vision to life. We want your input, we want you to feel 100% a part of the process and confident in what you are purchasing as well as being able to understand and see your room come together.

For our full service concierge packet we start with a consultation. We want to come and meet you to hear your thoughts, what you have done to your home in the past, what you like, what you don’t like, and your vision for the room and what your inspiration is! We also like to know everything else…after all we are women! WE LOVE to know your hobbies, what the room will be used for…anything that we can find out will help us bring an overall feeling to make the room exactly what you dreamed of! We pride ourselves on being about to read people and being able to leave your home knowing exactly what you want!

In this meeting we also bring before and after photos, a survey of some questions to get to know you better and any knowledge we can to help make your decision easier on you! After our meeting we head back to the office…

At the office we come up with idea after idea. Most of the time we have a few ideas all at once, so we have to first get them on paper! We do pre-drawings and then floor plans + 3D drawings that are rough sketches. We usually put them all up on a wall and over the course of a few days walk past them NUMEROUS times to decide which one we can’t live without! From there, we pick color, vision, fabric, furniture within your budget…you name it, we think of it!

If hired, we promise a timeless room, efficient work ethic with a touch of fun, and for you to have a room that is everything you ever wanted and more!

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