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Four Chairs & a Table!

One of my favorite’s things to do in interior decorating is put items in a room that you think will not go together! Even though this is an older idea, I’m starting to see it everywhere! So simple…4 chairs, a table add in some fun accessories and your room is done! This look is everything to me right now! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

I think in today’s world at times people feel very disconnected, having a room like this in your house can really bring the family together. It can be a game room, reading room, sit and have tea and discuss the day room! You can make it anything you want, as long as the family is together.

It can even be done in a doctor’s office or waiting room to add a little spice and style to an appointment!

My all-time favorite is to have it around the fireplace! Sit and cuddle up on a chair with your favorite book, cocktail, or hot coco and enjoy being at home!





Home Decor Holiday Gifts!

There are 13 days left until Christmas!! Are you shopping for someone and don’t know what to get them? A home décor gift is always different, fun, and a great way for them to remember you when they see it in their home. I shopped six of my favorite stores for home décor gifts under $100 and links for where to buy them. Happy Shopping!

If you’re buying for a friend, that girl who has tons of jewelry, or a way to surprise your significant other with a new piece of jewelry already on a branch, this is the way to do it. Anthropologie has a “Wish Tree Jewelry Holder” that is special and designed so well, you want to leave it out in your bedroom for everyone to see!

Jewelry Holder


Do you have man in your life that has everything but you want to get him something small, cool, and something he will display? This is definitely the “IT” gift! Pier 1 has this fun vintage Red Motorcycle that can be displayed in his office for him to think of you whenever he sees it!




What is winter without a soft, comfy throw! Are you in a holiday Pollyanna at work? This is a great gift to give to anyone! West Elm has this Soft Throw in various colors and patterns! Cuddle up and get warm!



Another great gift for that man in your life, an iPad case! This isn’t just any iPad case; it’s a case that is sophisticated and manly! West Elm is offering is great “Gentleman Hardware Case” for that special guy in your life!

Ipad Holder


Are you taking a gift as a house warming gift? Or want to spice up your home bar or fancy up your oil and vinegar in a kitchen? This is a classic way to do so! Glass Bottles with Wood Stoppers! West Elm has this great idea and offers custom monogrammed items for the stoppers!

Glass Bottle Wooden Stopper


Do you have a cook in your family? Pinch Pots are all the rage right now! You can fill them with spices, herbs and salts to add to any dish, or display on a table for when guests come over! Its simple, easy, and a great way to explore new tastes with your foods!

Pinch Pots


Have you been to this store recently…because it is quickly becoming one of my favorites! ARHAUS pronounced “our house” has great one of a kind pieces with a twist! Get there great “Faux Silver Lync Fur Pillow” for that special person to display in their living room or bedroom at a great price!

Fur Pillow


Looking for something special to take to a holiday party as a house warming gift? This is it! This 6 piece Barware set from Pottery Barn is classic, elegant, and makes for a great conversation piece. Add in a great bottle of your favorite alcoholic beverage and enjoy an old fashioned elegant night with friends!



I love these; I want one in every size possible! Wood Pedestals for entertaining is everything right now! So many great ways to display foods when you have guests over! PS…You can get these monogrammed as well! YAY!

Wood Petastal


This is not only fashionable for your home but mixes old school and new school styles! Anthropologie is offering a “Vintage Book IPhone Charger”; this is so cool on so many levels!

Ipod Book Holder


This is a wonderful coffee table book to give anyone who loves fashion. Its takes you from the jazz age to our age! It’s a wonderful book filled with gorgeous photos and nothing short of a show stopper! Gather around the table with loved ones and look at styles from the past to the present!

Vanity Fair Book


Every time I walk past Restoration Hardware, I want to buy SOMETHING, ANYTHING, & EVERYTHING! They have these wonderful Winter Home candles that make you feel like it’s the holiday season!

Winter Home Set


Bring back an old school game with a special twist. Pier 1 is known as Cheer 1 for the holiday. So cheer on your family members in playing Chess and Checkers on this great game set! Check-mate!

chess game


Enjoy the gifts that will bring smiles to anyone’s face!

Have fun during the gift giving season!

Bella B

Home Decorating for the Holiday Season!

How does that song go? “Chestnuts roasting on an open fire…” just hearing it played, makes you want to put up your tree, get the lights out, candles, and have hot coco by the fireplace. 

It’s the holiday season, so many people have busy schedules and so much going on during the holiday, but make sure you take the time to find your inner decorator from within and make your home feel like it’s the holiday season! You don’t need to do your entire home; you can have that one special room or that one area of your living room. With a few simple tips it can be easy, warm, and take you right back to Nat King Cole singing!

For a simple, elegant, and easy way to decorate your home…don’t over complicate things, simple and easy works in every aspect of our life, so it should be applied to decorating your home for the Holiday season.

Some essentials that are a must! A tree (if you don’t have time for a real tree, artificial trees look more real today, than they ever have). You can get any color your heart desires! White, Green, Gold, Silver, Red…anything goes! 

Now you’re going to need lights, ornaments, & tinsel/garland. You don’t need to spend a fortune to make this happen. Simple ornaments or ornaments from years past, some frosted snowflakes, string cranberries as a fun family activity, again…anything goes!

Don’t forget the main ingredient…the tree topper! Add in some pine cones that smell like apples roasting in the oven & candles that smell like a Christmas tree and you’re almost there.

String lights going up your staircase, on the wall, anywhere…there are no rules to decorating for Christmas, just make it yours, make it memorable and make it special for your family!

The best part, once done, shut off all the lights in your room and see the beautiful showcase your just displayed! The colors that come off of the tree, the ornaments, the tinsel, the garland and your wall color will make your home look like a fairytale.

Put on the fireplace or light some candles, get our big cozy faux fur blankets our and your almost set!

Go into your kitchen, put some milk on the stove, add in some hot chocolate powder, warm it up to a nice boil, get the largest coffee cup you have in your home and pour the hot coco in there. Add whipped cream and dashes of cinnamon and nutmeg and you’re ready to go!

Get on the couch; enjoy the gorgeous tree, the decorations, the fireplace & candles, the cozy blanket and your loved ones!

It’s what makes a perfect night & a wonderful holiday season!

Home Decorating Ideas

Bringing the Warmth Inside…

It’s that time of the year…its getting darker earlier, colder quicker, & time to cuddle inside!

The change of season can take come getting used to but can also be a great time to bring warm colors, accessories, & fall scents right into your home!

Here are a few Bella B tips to get you thru the winter.

Start simple…add FAUX fur or sweater material pillows. They are cozy, warm and great to snuggle with on the couch!




Add warm color throws that match your home decor but have that special touch of warmth!





Quilts and FAUX fur blankets…adds warmth at night but also brings a touch of comfort to your bedroom!






Candles don’t only bring soft lighting to any room but at times they can add warmth and mood setting to any room in your home.

img8c img48o 2646efcfefab5cb924b98ff93a47a2c2



img61c img48c

Bring branches inside and use them around your home as decorative accents!


And lastly…a very simple and easy add to any room…warm mugs for those nights of sitting at home with your yummy throw, candles lit and hot coco.






Like the mug says…Keep Warm & Snuggle Up!

Bella B

Halloween: Dress up your home!

Its that time of the year! Halloween! While all the kiddies are getting ready to dress up in scary and fun costumes, don’t forget your home needs a costume as well! Dress up your house in the spirit of the season. Halloween doesn’t have to just be SPOOKY AND SCARY it can also be a way to jazz up your home! Here are some Halloween Decor Ideas that will be perfect for your home to celebrate Halloween with….

Customize your Halloween decor with pumpkin glam!

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DIY Halloween Decor Ideas!

Simple, Easy and SUPER FUN!

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Even Stylish yet spooky Halloween decorating ideas for fun cocktails!





Happy Trick or Treating and Decorating!

Bella B



Bella B’s MUST HAVE’s in your home!

Bella B’s MUST HAVE’s in your home!

1. Floor Poof

Once you get one, you won’t know how you ever lived without one! You can use them for anything and everything!



I have a new OBSESSION and they are clocks.

Something very retro and chic about these clocks, you can use them anywhere in your home to give it an updated feel.


3. Retro

Bring back the retro…add these fun accessories to your home office or kitchen!


4. Metals & Bronze

These are all the rage right now, find a way to incorporate them into your home. Even though they appear to be “hard lines” they really bring warm and comfort when paired with fabric furniture.


5. Woods & Hints of Gold

Bringing in rustic woods to your home can warm any space up especially with hints and accents of gold.


6. Tufted Furniture

This is a HOT trend that is everywhere!

Its is a fresh look that is mixed with bringing back an aged old art of tufting!


7.  Pop of color

Have you been shopping around recently? Everything is very neutral.

POPS of color are needed, even if it is one piece in the room it will JAZZ the room right up!

pop of color


Everything, anything, but just one wall!

Peel and Stick wallpaper is the way to add warmth to any room…even a bathroom!


9. Black and White

So classic, so chic, and timeless!

black and white

10. Lanterns

Bring the outside in…

Lanterns are a must have for any room in your home. Its a fun chic way to update a room, a coffee table or a dining room table! LANTERNS




Before & After: Wardrobe Room

Its Saturday night, your going out to meet friends for dinner, who doesn’t want to get pampered in a room styled to perfection.

Let’s start from the beginning….

Do you have a room in your house that you just don’t know what to do with?




Bring in Bella B Home to make this happen….

A wonderful display of accessories, shoes, makeup, and a closet full of clothes…what woman doesn’t need this?

This room was done to enjoy getting all dolled up. You can enjoy doing your makeup on the all mirrored vanity, sit back in the lovely fabric chair and have a delightful glass of champagne while getting ready, play some of your favorite music on your portable ipod speakers, pick out that special outfit for the occassion you are going too, play with putting on accessories and enjoy trying on all your shoes = heaven!











Wallpaper OBSESSION!

Wallpaper is my new obsession! No I’m not talking about your grandmas wallpaper, but classic chic ways to use wallpaper like you never have before. Looking to spice up a wall, but don’t want to do it will paint? Use wallpaper, especially the peel and stick, its life changing!!!

Wallpaper is amazing to warm up a room. Use wallpaper as an accent wall in your bedroom or a fun way to make a small bathroom come to life!

You can use it as “faux” chair rail around a room or mix it with paint to create stripes!

These are some of my favorite Inspirations! Which ones do you love?

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